Reading and Writing 3


نام اثر: Reading and Writing 3
نویسنده: Helen Casey
سطح: Oxford Primary Skills
: آموزش انگلیسی – کودکان – رنگی
محتویات: کتاب + سی دی
: امریکن انگلیسی
تعداد صفحه: 50

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Reading and Writing
Oxford Primary Skills is a supplementary series to develop reading and writing skills in the primary classroom. It can be used alongside Family and Friends 1-6 and Grammar Friends 1-6. It includes:
  • Reading and Writing Book levels 1-6
  • Audio CDs with recordings of the reading passages
  • Website with answer key and notes for teachers

Each level features:

  • Clear unit structures, with vocabulary work and step-by-step reading and writing tasks
  • Broad range of text types, with a particular focus on cross-curricular topics
  • Thorough development of reading skills, including pre-reading tasks, reading for gist and reading for detail
  • Graded writing tasks with a clear outcome
  • More words section extends vocabulary in the unit

For students preparign for the Cambridge Esol Young Learner’s exams:

– Starters: Oxford Primary Skills 1 & 2

– Movers: Oxford Primary Skills 3 & 4

– Flyers: Oxford Primary Skills 5 & 6

Reading and Writing 3
Reading and Writing 3

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